Marty's Analyzer: Follow The Instructions Below

There are two methods outlined below. Choose whichever best fits your style.

Method #1:

Type your bits in Microsoft Word or other Text Software first.

-- Type all setup lines as one paragraph and never hit hard-return until your punch line.
-- Tab ONE time for punch lines.
-- Tab TWO times for tag lines.

When you've typed it all in Word, then copy and paste that text into the top most box and click convert.
Then, do tweak edits in the editor window.


SEE Screen capture images to make the above make more sense HERE.


Method #2

Type your bit directly into the editing box (The second box with the P and T buttons.)
- Quick Tip Suggestions for easiest use:
- Type your setup line as one paragraph. (An "S" will appear magically.)
- Hit hard return and type your punchline. (An "S" will appear, but after you finish typing it, place cursor on that line somewhere and then click the P button. Or select the entire line and do the same.)

NOTES on corrections.

- Use the P and T buttons for Punchlines and Taglines but use them like they were the BOLD and Italics buttons. Select your text, then click the button.
- If you want to make something NOT a punchline that is a punchline, select it and click the same P button again. (Like you would B or I for bold or italics.)

Think of it as "unselecting" the P/Bold button.
- You should get the hang of it, and there is no ONE right way to do it, as long as it all ends up formatted well.


1. The word wrapping on the right side is on purpose.
2. When you are in the editing window with the P/T buttons, you are seeing what you will see when you "finish."
3. Remember, setup lines that are longer than three wrapped lines will be where you will want to focus editing/or adding energy.

Use the same #hashtag for all your bits. There are no users or passwords. You will find all of your bits under one UNIQUE #hashtag that you give it. We suggest your name all lowercase followed by a combination of numbers that is not easy to forget but hard to guess.