Marty Simpson's "Stay in the Tube"

A set of tools for stand-up comics to use to better format and construct their material in order to self analyze and advance faster than they would be able to otherwise!

Find Your Bits

Enter your unique #hashtag to search for all your saved bits.

Best Way To Archive Your Bits Offline

Once you've loaded your bit to our database, you can find it by searching by whatever unique #hashtag you assigned yourself. Remember, there are no usernames or passwords. Don't use the #hashtag to tag your bit with a category. Your #hashtag is your way of categorizing all of YOUR personal bits on this site! So each person should have ONE UNIQUE hashtag. Assign that to every entry you make so you can find them all at once and edit and update them easily.

So, once you've loaded one, then find the #hashtag using search. Then click the button with your bit you want to archive. It will load in the edit window. From there, you can click in the Editor on the Source-Code button and then Copy and Paste the source code text to a text file on YOUR COMPUTER. Then save that source code view in a folder.

This way, if our system ever confuses you, or deletes one of your bits, or you forget your #hashtag, you can always come back through the system and click on the Analyzer page and start over easily.

All you would do then is click on SOURCE CODE view and paste the source text into that view then click Analyze! Then click save to database and you are good to go!